Why did You Start Straight Method?

By Ivan – Straight Method Team

After the launch of the company, some of you guys sent in some questions. With that said, we caught Zack Chmeis despite his tight schedule to interview him for you.


Can you tell us what Straight Method is?

I wanted to provide a platform for all the professionals out there to learn and add new skills to their professional reportour without loosing valuable time which they could have invested in their own agency.


Could you elaborate on that?

Well we all love reading books, but if you look at most of the books, they come in this sort of a novel theme with the practical info sprinkled here and there. That’s not to say that books aren’t cutting it, they are great for certain types of people, but for most people in the professional field, they already know bits and pieces about something and all they need is a straight forward deck that teaches them what they wanna learn without spending a lot of time reading.


How did you come up with the idea?

Research and experience, when I first started back in the days, I used to enjoy watching long YouTube videos to learn, but the more experience I had, the shorter I wanted the videos to be. I knew the basics, I just wanted to know how the person in the video did a very particular thing. On the other hand, I met other professionals that said the same thing to me, that’s when I noticed a pattern. The more experience you have the faster you can implement stuff if given what you need directly.


Do you work on every deck?

I am the main collaborator on every deck that will be released. I have a vision to what the products are supposed to be, what they look like and most importantly their practicality. So I facilitate that product with the collaborator that I am working with and I try to make sure when we first start that the end product won’t necessarily be my way of doing things or their way of doing things, my focus is the end user of the decks, so I make sure we get the best result possible even if it’s elevating the our methods or the info in the deck to beyond our “typical” ways, AKA innovation.


Can we talk about the collaboration process?

Sure, It can start in two ways. We send them an invitation and then start off with a casual chat. After the chat, knowing what field they are in I propose the idea for the deck and an outline, after making sure we are both excited about the findings, we start taking passes at it till it’s perfect. The other way starts off the same but we invite them to propose a few ideas, I take sometime brainstorming ideas for the deck, have a call, propose the ideas and the outline, then it ends like the previous example. 


What are you planning next?

We started off with Pre-Align and there are 3 other decks coming out soon,  2 in production and soon in beta, another 1 in pre-production and a few others in the pipeline. Next we are planning on starting a coaching center, a place where people can book sessions with the collaborators to talk about specific subjects, for example with Melinda Livsey it’s Selling Strategy. Ivan “How much will that cost?” It’s gonna be the higher end product, so we are looking at probably $1000/hour or more. 


Any last words?

I hope I helped shed some light on Straight Method, our goal as a company is to create the best decks with the highest value by working with the best, test our products in real life environments and to make sure you see immediate results.