This is a pre-strategy framework that helps to simplify the explanation of what a brand is and how to communicate the importance of strategy to a client’s business.

You meet up with a client and they ask you to make them a website or a logo. What do most people do? They get dragged down that rabbit hole, and instead of being a problem solver you turn into an order taker. That’s where you plug in Pre-Align.

This deck will help you:

  • • Communicate the value of strategy.
  • • Sound less like you are selling something.
  • • Speak the same language as the business owner.
  • • Break apart the value proposition into 3 simple diagrams.

What you get:

  • • Pre Align V1.2 (Can be rebranded in Illustrator)
  • • A ready to use client deck (Made in Illustrator)
  • • A PDF to print the diagrams and worksheet if needed.
  • • Access to a roleplay video where Melinda goes through Pre-Align with a client
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Melinda is graphic designer, turned freelancer, turned design shop owner, turned brand strategist based in Orange County, CA. A very accomplished designer, and experienced with top names like Oakley, Paramount Pictures, and Loot Crate—to name a few.

Zack Hill from Toi

Some of Toi’s clients

Zach Hill works at Toi which is a full-service digital agency. With a focus on user experience and strategy, they design and develop web and mobile experiences for companies at every stage. From early-stage companies looking to build their product’s first iteration, to publicly-traded companies looking for a refresh, we believe great design can make a good idea even better.


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“It helps people to understand the difference between deliverables and brand strategy for sure. It is so powerful, I included it on every step of my process. I start the conversation, clearing out any confusion between what I do as a strategist and what regular graphic designers do. Then for every deliverable they need, I show the second and third steps from the arches. It made my life much easier. My most recent client was a $ 6.5k Strategy session. Then we presented it again, and now we are closing a naming strategy session for $ 2.5K.” -Simone Ravel

“Pre-Align has helped frame my intentions and goals in a clear and concise way during client interactions. My clients have found this framework to be user friendly in it’s collaborative nature, intuitive in what the possibilities and outcomes could be. Once I started walking my clients through that framework, charging more became an easier sell for the value they got in return. I went from charging zero for strategy to charging $5000-$10,000 per session.” -Maece Seirafi