Switching to a Consultancy

By Melinda Livsey


When I made the switch from being an order-taker to a consultant, I had a hard time explaining what strategy was to my clients. As an order-taker, I would give the responsibility over to the client to decide what and how things should be done, with me just coming in at the end to execute their idea—from a logo, to a website, to packaging.But now, I come in as an expert consultant who works with my clients to develop the best plan to reach their goal. Even though I had the skills to help them, I still needed to explain strategy in a way that not only made sense to them, but to me as well.


As I started to refine how I presented the strategic process to clients, Zack Chmeis approached me about collaborating on a documented method to help others who found themselves in a similar situation as I did. And Pre-Align was made—a fast and easy way to understand and explain what strategy is and what it will do for your clients.


Pre-Align has helped me better understand and communicate the complex and vague nature of strategy in a clear and straightforward manner. It’s meant to be a stepping stone in one’s journey in getting clients on board with the strategic process. Many of the consultants who have used Pre-Align have used it in different ways—from workshops, to sales meetings, to how they explain their process on their website.The result? I went from charging $0 to $5,000 for strategy alone using the methods from Pre-Align. And I’m not the only one. Check out what other’s are saying.


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