Trust The Process

By Zack Hill


It’s an exciting time to be a creative professional or to be a designer with the main reason being that creativity has(if you haven’t heard) finally earned a seat at the executive table, there is finally room for creativity in the C suite. There are obviously many theories on the origins of this new found respect for creativity in the business world, and to that point, there is no one true answer to the cause of the new creative revolution. 

However, most creatives out there believe that design thinking has something to do with this creative renaissance. There are many different ways to define design thinking but to me, design thinking in large part is a process. I believe that the business world can trust a process, it can be quantified, measured, and observed. The idea of the process(at least on its surface) goes against the mythology of the artist or creative organically discovering the solution through ways that are full of mystery of subjectivity. The process brings objectivity to a creative solution, it provides a road-map and documentation for the birth and growth of an idea.


Anytime I experience a lack of clarity, alignment, or direction in an engagement my first instinct is to discover where the process broke down or was ignored. If something is going wrong with a project our first instinct is to usually blame the stakeholders or clients, but in reality, most of the time what is going wrong is that there is something missing or unclear in the process and it’s up to you as the creative to steward that process and make it clear for all involved(stakeholders, developers, designers etc.).

Ask yourself what does your process look like and what can you do to improve that process? Analyze more than your actual making process, you might be the best hand letterer in the world but if you don’t have a process of starting and closing projects you won’t be able to succeed as a creative professional. I believe you can be malleable when it comes to the actual labor of making, but not with the overall creative process, but when it comes to finding clients, engaging with clients, and closing projects, be consistent, be professional, and trust the process. 


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